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Eclectic mix of modern folk
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DJ: CptBuck
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Genres:Blues, Folk, and World
Date Submitted:12-21-2007 1:24:02 AM
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Request:Boomer Dinner Party
Length:15 songs

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I think this playlist is something of a template for what you'll probably want in the end. To be honest the artists are probably too mixed for certain audiences. That said, depending on who your guests are, there's definitely something here to please everyone. I'll make notes on this below.

1. Amadou and Mariam are a great Malian music duo, this is a great track, not much to argue about here.

2. There are a few artists here who can definitely integrate in more collections, Sufjan is one of them, this is more laid back and acoustic, relying on banjo quite a bit. You could probably put his album "Illinois" on and be done with it, he's that good.

3. Devendra Banhart is the first on this list of the slightly weirder folk artists. Personally, i love this song, but some of your guests might find his voice to be abrasive.

4. Elliot Smith is, of course, a classic.

5. This is one of Sleater-Kinney's more laid back songs, and fulfills your female songwriter needs while still being great. Most of their music is more rock oriented.

6. This is another group that you should use often. Neutral Milk Hotel is a perfect example of what you want.

7. Ok verses, great chorus drives this song.

8. The Decemberists are another band that you can probably use quite a bit. They're essentially a rock band with a folk problem, which i think you can here on this track, but especially others like "Eli the Barrow Boy" or "The Shankill Butchers"

9. Another potentially weirder one, the song is great though. I know that they have more acoustic versions of this song that might be better for you.

10. This band's early stuff was a good mix of new and old, but their newer stuff is decidedly avant garde.

11. Gomez ok in my opinion.

12. Sufjan!

13. This album, mutations, by Beck, is basically his 1960's album, probably some good material there.

14. Love Belle and Sebastian, love them. Great band, lots of stuff.

15. Excellent Bowie cover, more acou

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1GniJougouyaAmadou and Mariam
2Vito's Ordination Song (Acoustic Version)Sufjan Stevens
3This Beard is for SiobhanDevendra Banhart
4Georgia, GeorgiaElliot Smith
5Modern GirlSleater-Kinney
6In the Aeroplane Over the SeaNeutral Milk Hotel
7OjalaSilvio Rodriguez
8The Legionnaire's LamentThe Decemberists
9Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1The Flaming Lips
10Winter's LoveAnimal Collective
11Make No SoundGomez
12JacksonvilleSufjan Stevens
13Lazy FliesBeck
14The Stars of Track and FieldBelle & Sebastian
15Queen BitchSeu Jorge
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by orchard
Date: 12-29-07
Great work! I ended up buying a little Silvio Rodriguez, Sufjan Stevens and Flaming Lips. I never would have found this music without this playlist.

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