The best way to explain how SpinJay works is with an example. Check it out:

1. Request a Playlist
Let's say Jim wants some music for his big party next weekend. He logs on to SpinJay and types up something like this:
I'm having a huge party at my house next weekend, but I don't want to spend the money to hire a DJ. I don't have much music of my own, so I need some help here. This playlist needs to be about an hour long, with nonstop, exciting music. My ideal playlist would have a good mix of rock, techno, and pop, but don't let that hold you back if you have any other great ideas. There are going to be about 100 people there, so pick music that sounds good with the volume knob at 11. It doesn't have to be all mainstream music, but I don't want anything too weird.

Jim posts the request, spending a few of his points.

2. Create a Playlist
Anne, a fan of rock and dance music, sees Jim's request and thinks she has the perfect playlist. She browses through her song library for a bit, and comes up with a great playlist.

Jack also sees Jim's request, and submits a playlist of his own.

3. Vote on Playlists
Later, Chris, Julia, Scott, and Mike are browsing through requests, looking to make a few points. They see Jim's request, with Anne and Jack's playlists attached. Even though Jack's playlist is good, they think that Anne's playlist better fits what Jim wants, so they vote for Anne's playlist.

4. Enjoy!
Jim gets Anne's playlist directly and loads it onto his iPod for the party, and Anne gets points for winning the vote.

That's what SpinJay is all about, sharing music with others and getting rewarded for it. Sound interesting? Sign up using the link below. It's completely free, and only takes a second.

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